DIY: How to Make Mason Jar Wall Décor

Confession: I am obsessed with DIY projects. Literally. I love the idea of making something for so much less than what I could buy it for in the stores. That being said, my execution isn’t always store quality. As a result, I’m constantly looking for DIY projects that are easy enough that even I couldn’t ruin them. My mom recent find was a DIY mason jar wall décor. Below is a step-by-step instruction on how my husband and I created our latest project.

1. Get the Wood  

We love pallets and have used them for a number of our DIY projects. For this project, my husband took two pieces of pallet wood and cut them to about 10 inches in length. He connected them with wood braces on the back. He then sanded it down and below is the final result:


2. Pick your Paint  

This is where your creativity can come into play! I am personally obsessed with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (my husband can attest to the ridiculously high number of pieces of furniture in our house I have painted), so I chose to do two coats of the Coco color. Then, I took the Annie Sloan Pure White, slightly watered it down, and then did a few strokes on the wood and immediately wiped it off with a cloth to give it more of a distressed, weathered look. You can choose whatever color or type of paint or wood stain you desire!


3. Spacing and Mounting  

For this size wall décor, we used three of the 12 oz mason jars. We spaced out the mason jars to our liking and marked with a pencil where they would go. To hold the mason jars to the wood, we used the HVAC 3” ducting (pictured below). My husband drilled a small hole in it, and then drilled it into the wood with a screw. We then put the mason jars in and tightened the ducting to hold them in place.


4. Decorate and Hang 

The last step gives you some freedom with creativity as well! We chose to put flower arrangements in ours and hang it in our kitchen. You could also use one in your bathroom for makeup brushes, etc. Simply decorate, hang, and enjoy!


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